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importance of child development

Importance of Child Development ( Dr. Sovana Hoque, The Best Child Specialist in Kolkata)

The phase of early childhood development is the most important phase of life. Children need appropriate support from families, education, and healthcare professionals to reach their full potential during this period.

The importance of child development

After birth, The first three years are the periods when rapid growth and development occur, as a child’s brain creates complex neural pathways at an unprecedented speed. When the age is six, the brain has developed to 90% of its adult size, as children continue to absorb a staggering amount of information from their experiences and environment. These early experiences, both good and bad, lay the foundation for a child’s future survival, growth, health, and well-being. Research has consistently shown that good early childhood development has a direct positive impact on a child’s long-term health outcomes and improves future opportunities, school attainment and even earning potential. Another important impact of this period is the child’s emotional and social development, which is vital for their future confidence, communication, relationships, community inclusion, and mental health.

Steps of Healthy Child Development

1. Good Health: Parents should motivate good health by protecting the child from household and environmental danger, adopting good hygiene practices, and using promotive, preventive, and curative healthcare services. Parents should also take care of their child’s emotional state by responding affectionately and appropriately to their child’s needs.

2. Adequate Nutrition: Essential micronutrients are very important for a child’s brain and body to develop, both during a mother’s pregnancy and in the early period after birth. Essential nutrients may include proteins and fats to help the growth of the body and vitamin A to build the child’s immune system. 

3. Responsive Caregiving: Observation and response to a child’s physical, psychological and emotional needs are important for a child’s health, learning, and social relationships.

4. Security and Safety: Young children are incredibly unsafe to numerous threats within their environment. Children who do not feel safe and secure by a parent can withdraw socially and act fearful of adults and other children.

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