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Loss of Child's Appetite

Loss of Child’s Appetite – Reasons & Tips to Improve

Loss of Child’s Appetite

A loss of appetite in children causes worry in most parents. But, it is very much common in children. Thus, you should consult a child specialist if you notice your child losing appetite a little too often.

When Should You Worry?

If your child has normal weight and height (for their age), then there is no reason to worry but if your child is older and the loss of appetite is often, accompanied by weight loss, then you may consult a child specialist to identify the cause and correct it.

Reasons For Loss Of Appetite In Children

This stage of life, it’s almost all about breast milk. Breast milk will provide every nutrient a baby needs for the first year of life.

Slow growth rate

Changes in growth can affect the appetite in children. If any child’s growth rate is very slow then that child might need less food.


If your child suffers from fever or any other illness then he/she may not feel much hunger.


Arguments with parents, fighting with siblings, or any unfortunate incidents like the death of the nearest one may affect your child’s appetite.


Depression also affects your child’s appetite.

Prescription Drugs

If your child is having any antibiotics or other drugs then also your child may feel a loss of appetite.


Constipation is also another factor that affects your child’s appetite.

Lack of Exercise

If your child does not do physical activities much then also your child may feel a loss of appetite.


Anaemia is also another reason for the loss of appetite of your child.

Intestinal Worms

Intestinal Worms are the most important reason for your child’s loss of appetite.

Tips to improve child’s appetite

The essential tips to improve child’s appetite are listed below

Give Many Small Meals

If your child can not eat much at a time then split the heavy meal into 2-3 small meals.

Change The Meal

Include vitamin-B-rich fortified foods and iron, zinc, folic acid, and other nutrients riched food in your diet.


A healthy breakfast is very important for your child.

Get your child physically active

Physical activity is very important for your child. It helps to improve your child’s appetite.


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